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The Play
book 2.0

A guide to creating multiple
7-figure business in network marketing.

The 4 Pillars of the Playbook

Personal Activity

Team Activity

Personal Development

People Development

About the Play Book 2.0


The first step to becoming a top producer is making the decision to go all in. Knowing 100% why & where you are going is the most important thing to self-evaluate.

You must have a massive vision the future. This vision must be big, exciting, and attractive so you’re continuously pursuing it. This vision must come with a plan or merely it isn’t a vision at all,
just a hallucination…

This Book is that plan. It is a step-by-step guide to creating a multiple 7-figure network marketing business. It includes everything John Guaman has learned in almost a decade in the industry. From skills, principles, strategies & techniques to ultimately compress the time of  your Success.


Table Of Contents

Pilar 1 Personal Recruiting/Activity

Pillar 2 Taprooting/ Team activity

Pilar 3 Developing People

Pilar 4 Personal Development


John Guaman is a 25 year-old Hispanic American Entrepreneur from Connecticut. He began his career in the Network Marketing Industry over 6 years ago.

The work of Guaman has generated multiple 7-figure revenues in the digital space, his first million at the age of 23. Being inspired by his childhood challenges has helped him generate the success he has now.

Guaman has impacted tens of thousands of individuals around the world by being transparent and showing his creative content within the digital space. As he continues his career, he is committed to empowering other individuals to rise above their limited views.